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It's time to gush about my coworkers again.

I'm so blessed to have coworkers who I look forward to seeing everyday! We had a proofreading day about a week ago where all of the editors sat in a conference room together to go through composition pages, asking each other questions and having a grand time!

Cindy, one of the head editors in my department, was so sweet to take us out to lunch at Hill Country BBQ, and it was amazing! They serve Austin-style BBQ that is a more serve-yourself style of food. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

These are my lovely friends! (Minus Dean who went home sick that day.)

Cindy (furthest on the left) is so funny; she is great at making any frustrating situation into a joke and she's incredible at remembering details about people's lives. I once mentioned to her that Aaron and I love eating dried mangoes on road trips, and she surprised me with a bag of mangoes on my desk a few months later for Valentine's Day! I couldn't believe that she remembered!

Linda (in the middle) is so cheerful and interested in hearing about our lives. She's one of those people who asks how your weekend was and you can tell she really wants to know!

Marcy (furthest on the right) sits next to me when she's in the office, and it's way fun sharing the ridiculous things we find in our reports, laughing about the silly things copyeditors do, and sharing stories about our families.

Love these ladies.

Back to food. I mean, c'mon. Look at this delicious meal. It was soooooooo good! I highly recommend it to any locals!


Cherry Blossom Festival

I've been so excited to the cherry blossoms since we moved out here. Seriously, it was September when I first started to tell people, "I can't wait for the cherry blossoms!" I'm a nerd, I get it.

The weather last week was absolutely incredible, and I decided to break free of my desk during my lunch break and go cherry blossom hunting. Yeah, that's totally a thing. I stuck to mainly the National Mall area because that was closest, and it did not disappoint.

As beautiful as the trees were mid-week, there's this magical time where the blossoms by the Tidal Basin are considered at their peak blossom. Scientists make predictions for the timing of the blossoms and kept us posted on how they were progressing. I've been following the Washington Post's Twitter feed obsessively as they kept me up to date on the state of the blossoms. It was like watching to countdown to a space shuttle launch. 3. . . 2 . . . 1 . . . On Friday, we had LIFTOFF! Peak blossom, baby!

Saturday morning, I took my bike out and biked to the Tidal Basin along with 5 bajillion other people who also had the exact same idea as me. The nerve.

The Tidal Basin is surrounded by 2,000 cherry blossom trees, which makes it the coolest place to see the blossoms! Taking my bike was life saving so I could get in and out without dealing with parking or public transportation.

The weather was perfect, the paths crowded, but nothing could take away from its beauty. I wish I could capture how incredible it was on camera! Alas, you really do have to see it in person to fully appreciate it! It was like walking around in a wonderland!

DC, you continue to inspire me and I love you more every day!


General Conference & Kabob Palace | DC Eats

Last weekend was General Conference (see here), and it was as wonderful as ever! I felt truly inspired by Elder Holland's talk about standing for truth and being willing to treat others with love when they abuse my faith. I absolutely loved President Uchtdorf's talk about staying "awake" through the restoration of the gospel. There were so many talks that inspired me, and I look forward to listening to and reading the talks more in depth in the future!

Food is always an important part of our conference weekend, and this year we decided to take it easy in the kitchen and instead pick up some takeout at our favorite restaurant in town: Kabob Palace (the website is suuuuuper sketch. It cracks me up!).

Kabob Palace serves Afghan food, and it is deliciously spicy! We always get the lamb kabobs with chickpeas and naan. It's literally the best lamb I've ever had in my life!

Aaron's face when he finally gets to come to Kabob Palace. Ha ha!

My mouth literally just started watering thinking about it again. Sooooo good!


National Archives

Aaron and I went to National Archives a few weeks ago, and it was wam-bam awesome!

Sure, it was a little less like this than I expected:

But it was incredible all the same!

We obviously couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was absolutely wonderful! Standing in front of the Declaration of Independence was absolutely surreal. So old, faded, and worn, and yet still the important document that represents our beginning. It was totally surreal. I totally understood why Nicholas Cage wanted to steal it. It's just that cool.

My face was pretty much stuck looking like this afterwards:

Go America!


His + Her Favorite Things

It's been a busy couple of weeks! Work, school, sleep. Oh, and throw in some eating. I thought I'd show you some of our favorite things lately to catch up!

One // Aaron loves survivalist TV shows, and "Alaska: The Last Frontier" totally fits the bill for him. I'm more on board with this one because it doesn't involve impractical hypotheticals about zombies or anarchy. The show is about a family living in Alaska as ranchers or subsisting on their own. It all sounds romantic until you see them ice fishing for 10 hours or eating scrawny squirrels. No thanks! Two // This has one of Aaron's favorite shirts (he's wearing it right now, in fact!) because it's one of the few shirts we've found that fits him well. We've stocked up on a bunch of white ones in the same style, too. Three // Allison and Jordan introduced us to this game when we were in NYC and we love it! Aaron's not always into playing games, but this one is an exception! (That and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit...) We love playing it with our friends! Thanks for the birthday gift, Allison and Jordan! Four // Aaron loves tools and he's already loved using his drill to make us a coffee table and stand for our projector! Whatta guy. Five // Aaron breezed through this book this past week, and he absolutely loved it and recommends it.
One // This is a genius idea for a cookbook. I made my first recipe in it last week, and I made this delicious chocolate cake in the pan I cooked it in. Let that sink in. No mixing bowls, no cup measurements. Everything was done using a scale and the pan I cooked it in. I am sold. Aaron's also excited at the prospect of not doing dishes for weeks on end, too. Two //  I finally got to read Divergent this week! I've been waiting for it forever at the library, but my friend Clarissa let me borrow her copy! I loved the first one and I can't wait to read the second! Three // Remember when I said I was going to try running this year? Well, Aaron and I took advantage of the weird heatwave we had last week to start running outside. When I say we're starting slow, I mean I specifically am starting sloooooow. Like starting off with little 20 minute run/hobbles around the block while Aaron patiently keeps my glacial pace. I've never been a runner, but there's a start for everything! Now that it's cold again (boo), I've started running during my lunch break in the gym at my office using one of those couch to 5k podcasts. The narrator has a British accent and the music is this weird kind of 90s inspirational music, but I think I can keep up with it. Plus, I bought this bright magenta sports bra to motivate me!  Four // I made the dangerous discovery that there's an Anthropologie within a 7 minute walk of my work (sooo tempting), and I found this gorgeous serving bowl this last week. It fills a perfect gap in my serving dishes collection! Five // I am pretty obsessed with this bread box Aaron got me for my birthday. We now go through a 25-pound bag of flour every month and we love eating fresh bread from our bread maker! I love the chic lines and pretty wood of this one! It's worked amazingly!

Happy weekend everyone!


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