Friday Love

  1. Fruit is always bought with the best intentions...
  2. Here's a wonderful opportunity to support a sweet family + get a beautiful print! #AnythingforAuni
  3. These cookies look just trashy enough to be amazing.
  4. Bikes that are impossible to steal. Genius.
  5. Biscotti is officially on my baking bucket list.
  6. See, eating healthy isn't that hard! We can do it!
  7. Whoops. I found this ice cream. Forget that healthy eating part.
  8. I love this office! It makes me want to go buy matching boxes and organize EVERYTHING!
  9. Cheesecake. I can eat that for breakfast, right? It has milk, eggs, butter...
  10. Why you shouldn't wait for perfect photography to start a food blog.
  11. If I got these measuring cups, I think I'd just stare dreamily at them all day.
  12. Oh Joy, you've done it again!
  13. I know it's only August, but these look like great Christmas present ideas for my coworkers!
  14. Tourists, you're free to leave Utah at any time!
  15. The food of my people! (I miss you, New Mexico!)
  16. After visiting NYC a few times the past few months, I totally get some of these.
  17. I still think diagramming sentences is cool! 
  18. Hello there, beautiful cupcake
  19. I wish that I was in Phoenix to go through the temple open house!
  20. The cutest little cookie cakes!


  1. I love to see all the things you love in your life! There is a lot of delicious food on your list . . .

    1. So many tasty recipes to make, so little time... :)

  2. Reading your blog was actually a lot of work but was so "you".

    1. Ha ha! Glad I could give you an arm workout! Thanks, Dad!

  3. Love all of these! And thanks for sharing about Auni. You're a gem! xoxo

    1. Thanks for the great idea to support their family, Alexa! Happy to share! :)

  4. I'm with you on diagramming sentences. :)



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