I can scarcely believe that another year is gone! This past year was our first calendar year living in DC, and we have had a wonderful, full year!

gawked at the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives
fell in love with the cherry blossoms
went to lots of Nationals baseball games
toured the Capitol building
partied with my family for a week in DC and NYC
camped at Shenandoah
bike commuted to work
ate pancakes and meandered around Eastern Market
biked to Mt. Vernon and back
spent a long weekend exploring the Smokies in North Carolina
celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary
toured the top of the Washington Monument
hosted our first Thanksgiving at our apartment

continued working at ArrayFire
graduated from BYU (!!)
read a lot of books
sold the Camaro
played in an ultimate frisbee league
officially started working as a permanent staffer at NAS
started figuring out what’s actually going on with my stomach
cooked a lot more (and made a lot of messes!)
traveled to Chicago for Megan’s wedding
finally graduated from BYU! Glory hallelujah
Looking at my last year’s resolutions, it’s interesting to see what worked and what didn’t! I’m so relieved to have finished my online classes. I’ve made more of an effort to include veggies in my lunches and I’ve had a lot of fun in the kitchen. Running didn’t take, but I fell in love with biking instead! Crazy! I could definitely take more pictures, call my family members more often, and maaaaaybe work on that whole stress thing.
Here are my next year’s goals I’m looking to meet!
Set monthly biking goals // Now that I know that I love biking I want to take it further this year by setting monthly distance goals for myself so I can keep pushing forward! For January, I’m going to start with 100 miles. I want to set good goals, especially when I’m not bike commuting during the winter months.
Scrapbook again // I’m really inspired by the everyday style of scrapbooks, like this one and this one. Also, I’d really like to finally make a wedding album and a mission scrapbook for Aaron!
Go to temple monthly // ‘Nuff said. Schedule it. Do it. No excuses.
Read a book a month // The number sounds so puny, but I’m still coming out of my post-college haze, and I do spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. I’m hoping to find a better balance between the two.
Call family more often // This one hits the list again, mainly because I really want to stay in better contact with my older half-siblings and their families! If I can schedule quarterly Skype calls with each family unit, I’ll be doing great!
Read BOM twice this year // This year, I want to get more serious about my personal scripture study. Cassie, a friend from church, recommended the Chapter Tap app to keep track of scripture reading, and I’m excited to use it to track my own reading!
Practice photography // Aaron and I bought our first Canon camera during the Black Friday sales this past year, and I’m itching to learn how to shoot using the manual settings!
Blog twice a week // This blog has been an opportunity for Aaron and I to journal about our lives and what we’re interested in, and I’d love to be more consistent.
Bake new recipes // I really want to expand my baking repertoire into more complicated recipes like croissants. This book is definitely going to be my go-to resource.
Here’s to a productive and happy new year!

2 thoughts on “2015”

  1. Audrey Ogden says:

    A new year and new adventures! I love this and YOU! Maybe one of my adventures should include coming to see you!!

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      Ah! I love YOU! And heck yes you should come to DC! We’ll take you anytime!! :)

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