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I’m a bit of a goals junkie. Every January, I can’t help but sit down and write a mountainous list of things that I’d love to achieve during the year. When I’m not making my own goals, I even love reading about other people’s goals! Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before was one of my favorite books last year, and I’m already halfway through The Happiness Project with equal zeal as the first! And yes, it’s practically March, but if I’ve learned anything, the best time to start is always now!

Here’s what I’m aiming for this year:

I want to stop worrying about catching up. Now that I don’t commute to work everyday (working from home is my jam), I started to collect a podcast list a mile long and to be honest, it used to stress me out. Isn’t that silly? What used to be something meant to relieve stress and make me think and enrich my day turned into just another to-do list item that I frantically tried to complete. This year, I’m going to only pick out the episodes that appeal to me the most, listen when I have time, and stop worrying about missing out on everything else. FOMO is a real thing. Besides, I’m bound to have a road trip in the future where my 15 hours of backlogged podcasts will come in mighty handy!

I want to take ownership of our home library. Aaron and I LOVE books. I’m serious. We already have 3 bookcases full, and pretty much all Aaron wants is a huge home library someday. I’m completely on board, but I do sometimes feel a bit guilty about always borrowing the newest books from the library when I have a treasure trove of books I haven’t read here at home. This year, I’m picking out at least one book a month that we own to read so that these bookshelves become homes for books that I know and love individually.

I want to keep running—preferably faster and more often. Last year, I finally completed my 10-year goal (not kidding!) of becoming a runner. With a lack of amazing bike trails out here in Phoenix, it felt like the time to finally tackle my fear and start running. Pushing past that physical block to run 1 mile, then 2 and 3, made me feel superhuman. As someone who had never run a mile straight all of my life, this is a huge change for me, and I actually kind of like it! This year, I want to keep going and see if I can get faster and make it into a daily routine.

I want to learn more Spanish. Aaron and I started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish this year, and although I’m painfully slow, Aaron has been so incredibly patient with me as he helps me learn the pronunciations and guides me as I attempt to translate. Every once in awhile my French pronunciations sneak in every once in (the u’s are the worst!), but it’s getting a little easier everyday! I also want to integrate my Rosetta Stone lessons into my daily life to keep the lessons fresh and expanding.

This year, I’m trying to focus less on quantified goals (run 100 miles! read 50 books!) and try to put my focus back on what’s most important to me. Aaron, my family, God, and my own happiness. It’s already been an amazing year so far, and I can’t believe how fast it’s flown!

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