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A Place to Live!

 After 3 long days of driving, Aaron finally made it to Virginia on Wednesday night. Hurray! The next big step was going to be finding an apartment. We were a little worried. We were so cushioned in our Provo apartment, and we knew that things would be about twice as expensive and about the same size, or smaller. Aaron did his research before his trip and he plotted out 10–12 apartments to check out in nearby cities. We were both anxious to find him a place so he could stop living in crappy cheap hotels. It was actually incredibly easy to find an apartment!

But let’s back up a little. When Aaron’s dad was in town for Father’s Day to help Aaron drive out the next day, we had a dinner and invited one of Aaron’s younger brothers, Travis, who is up here with us at BYU. Let me tell you, having 3 Taylor boys under one roof was hysterical. They all laugh at the same moment in the exact same way. When Aaron’s older brother Cory called, Travis suggested a name for Cory’s little baby boy that is going to be born in September: Lloyd. It’s a good name, to be sure, but the boys had a good time laughing at how his name with the double L  would be pronounced in Spanish countries—”Yoyd” or “Joyd.” They seriously thought it was hysterical. Silly boys.

Back to the present. The first apartment Aaron went to look at was really great. It was at the top of our list because it was in a great part of town, the complex was made up of students and police officers (talk about safe!), and it’s pretty nice and clean. And get this: it’s called Lloyd Apartments. Destiny! We swear it’s fate that we found it! The apartment is one of the best in town, and apparently it’s pretty rare for them to have an opening. We jumped on it.

The complex is located in Alexandria, a town about 6 minutes away from the Pentagon. Pretty cool, right? It’s also pretty close to metro and bus stations, which should make commuting into DC much easier.

Here are some pictures found online:

It’s got a beautiful brick exterior. This is what I imagine every building on the East Coast to look like. Reviews say that the grounds are kept up really well and there are lots of beautiful trees and flowers everywhere.

We’ve got an apartment on the 3rd floor with one bedroom and one bathroom, 700 sq. feet.

It’s got hard wood floors! (Yes!) I love hard wood. I guess it’s time to go shopping for some pretty rugs!

The kitchen is regrettably small, but I’ve made do with my tiny kitchen here and it hasn’t stopped me from making all of my culinary creations. I’ll make it work.

The apartment’s not available for Aaron to move in until the end of July, but we found him a shared apartment to sublet for the month in between. Seriously, everything came together so well; we couldn’t be happier or more relieved!

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  1. Allison says:

    It looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person :)

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