American Art Museum | Portrait Gallery

A few weekends ago, Aaron and I visited the American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery. We’ve already visited once last winter, and it’s one of Aaron’s favorites! Museums like this make you appreciate taking those art history classes in college! Guess our humanities education is good for something  ha ha!

^^Aaron always knows how to get my “real smiles” out of me.^^

^^I love Impressionism. Gah.^^

^^Aaron loves stained glass!^^

It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful works of art!

6 thoughts on “American Art Museum | Portrait Gallery”

  1. Cami Hall says:

    Rachel!!! I haven’t seen your blog in so long- it is looking fantastic! What a great post! I always loved art history… isn’t it so fun to see great works of art in real life! I’m especially loving the last painting that you featured (I had to look it up!)- It reminds me of Degas who is one of my faves!

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      You are so sweet! Thanks, Cami! It’s totally amazing to see things in real life! DC is the best for museums! :)

  2. Rosanne Bailey says:

    So glad you are enjoying everything D. C. Has to offer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is the name of the impressionist painting of the woman playing the piano? I’ve enlarged it but just can’t read the plaque.

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