American Indian Museum

After settling back in at work and home, Aaron and I were very excited to get back into DC, so we spent Saturday morning in the American Indian museum!

First up, the outside is absolutely stellar. I used to ride by it every day on my morning bike commute, and it is by far the most visually stunning and distinctive Smithsonian museum.

That being said, the outside was probably the highlight of the museum in my opinion. The exhibits themselves were pretty sparse and not as developed as other Smithsonians. It felt kind of empty inside! There was a cute children’s play area, but us childless folk didn’t care much about that. There were a few worthwhile exhibits we did enjoy. We’ve heard good things about the cafe, but it was a bit pricey for us.

Afterwards, we popped over to the Air and Space Museum to see the Spirit of St. Louis up close and personal. They bring down the planes sometimes to refurbish them, and we loved seeing it!

We made a quick stop in the World War II planes exhibit, because they’re Aaron’s favorite! It was a wonderful Saturday! Now I just can’t wait for the weather to be nice enough to bike into the city!

2 thoughts on “American Indian Museum”

  1. Audrey Ogden says:

    Oh the museums make me so jealous! I’m serious about coming. So don’t move anytime soon. :)

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