What’s your unfair advantage?

On our drive up to Stanley Lake a few weeks ago, Rachel’s sister introduced us to a new podcast, StartUp, which tells the story of one man’s efforts to start his own podcasting company. It’s an entertaining and informative account, and I’ve really enjoyed learning from the entrepreneur’s mistakes, second-hand.

In one episode, the entrepreneur recounted a meeting with a potential investor who asked a penetrating question: “What’s your unfair advantage?”‘

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The Dream Team: The BFG vs. Inception

Rachel and I enjoy reading to each other out loud. We’ve trekked through Middle Earth, fenced on the Cliffs of Insanity, washed up on the shores of Hikueru, and we are currently on an ill-fated expedition to Isla Sorna.

Just prior to Isla Sorna, though, we spent some time in Giant Country with the Big Friendly Giant and his slightly smaller friend, Sophie.

It had been about twenty years since I last read The BFG, Roald Dahl’s classic children’s nocturnal adventure novel. I had never read it out loud, which is a shame because Dahl is a master of gloriumptious language. As we approached the climax, the story began to feel familiar, but not because I was remembering the plot from my childhood readings. It felt familiar, I realized, because I had experienced it more recently in another form. 

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Ship’s Log: Expressionless, Expresses God

Welcome aboard the good ship Aaron! A ship’s log is a simple, straightforward record of the vessel’s condition and environment. This ship’s log consists of the sundry notes I’ve jotted down on scraps of paper and digital post-its. It provides a snapshot of my condition and environment. Take a look at this week’s entry: