In Other Words

In Other Words: Single Bite

SprinklesAs I’m drawing nearer to the end of my 3-month journey with my elimination diet, I wish I could say that I’ve handled every change with poise and grace.

“Eliminate all dairy products? Great news!”

“Take out all starchy vegetables? Splendid.”


Cookbook | Dreams vs Reality

Starting a few weeks ago, I began working with a dietician who specializes in helping people with digestive disorders (me me me!), and it’s been going pretty well so far! The first step has been helping me work through an elimination diet to identify what will make my body feel better and worse. I started off by eating from a pretty limited pool of foods that excludes all refined sugar, gluten, packaged food, and a good portion of fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

That was going pretty well, but then we decided we should also cut some of the more starchy foods plus all dairy. And all happiness. Ha ha?


KitchInspiration #01

Oh don’t mind me, I’m just having way too much fun over here with Anthropologie’s new lookbook they so delightfully and terribly delivered to my mailbox last week.

Let’s face it, I do already have an assortment of Anthro dinnerware, but who cares? No big deal? I want more!

Let’s get into it:

^^Buying a pretty salad bowl pretty much compels you to eat more salad, right?^^

^^I’ve been getting the hankering for making cloth napkins lately.  I recently saw someone who made a whole bunch for cheap using Fat Quarter Bundles that people use for quilting! Isn’t that genius? They’re already pre-cut squares in a variety of colors, and all they need is hemming! And considering you can get a bunch together, they end up costing around $2.50 a pop instead of Anthro’s beautiful napkins that cost four times as much. There are a bunch of beautiful options online! Going to get to it one of these days!^^