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Bicycle, Bicycle

I’ve made it through another week of work and classes. I finished 2 more Shakespeare plays this week, Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night. It’s incredible how fast summer semester goes!
Aaron and I had our 11 monthiversary on Thursday (and yes, I am one of those people who loves those milestones), our last monthiversary before we can start counting years! I can’t believe we’ve almost reached the year mark. Crazy.
I’m avoiding driving the Camaro right now because we’re in between insurance coverage right now, and it’s given me the perfect opportunity to stretch my legs and break in my cute pair of Keds walking to and from school. As I’ve mentioned before, I actually really enjoy walking to school. As long as I’ve got a great audiobook on my ipod or a long conversation with a friend, the time just flies by! It also seems to help me when I’m feeling down; it’s a great release of endorphins and it makes me feel like I’m getting exercise in this period of being a homebody.
Speaking of being more active, Aaron bought a bike this week so he can start bike commuting to work. Isn’t it good lookin’?
Living in the East has definitely made Aaron appreciate the value of a parking spot. All of the parking is monitored during business hours, and until Aaron gets into our new apartment in two weeks, he’s had a horrible time parking anywhere. We’re also excited to use our bikes to ride into DC. Our apartment in Alexandria clocks in about 4 miles away from DC, which equates to ridiculous traffic times and a devil-of-a-time parking. We hope to use our bikes to travel around the city more easily and avoid the frustrations of parking in the city. All this bike talk makes me want to see Premium Rush again. Don’t worry, I won’t be taking off my brakes anytime soon.
I have been looking for a bike helmet to use while riding my bike because my current helmet doesn’t fit on my head. I guess that’s what you get when you have really thick hair! However, I want to buy a cute helmet! Bike helmet? Cute? Impossible! Nay, I say not! Some people are all on board with the new lines of helmets, but other people seem doubtful.
I mean, I’ve got try to look as cute as this guy on the road. Don’t you love how easy it is to take screenshots on a Mac? I do!

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