In Other Words

In Other Words: Single Bite

SprinklesAs I’m drawing nearer to the end of my 3-month journey with my elimination diet, I wish I could say that I’ve handled every change with poise and grace.

“Eliminate all dairy products? Great news!”

“Take out all starchy vegetables? Splendid.”

In Other Words

In Other Words:

I’ve been thinking a lot about moving lately. It’s pretty hard not to when your living room is nothing but piles of boxes, and you have to move a roll of packing tape if you want to sit anywhere. When people ask me how I feel about our upcoming move, I’ve settled on a pretty standard response of “We’re really excited! And also entirely heartbroken and devastated.”

How can I possibly say goodbye to this wonderful place that has truly become my home? The last few weeks around DC and Alexandria, I’ve felt like a children’s book: Good-bye Lincoln. Good-bye Kabob Palace. Good-bye greenery of any kind. Good-bye quaint cobblestone street. And the good-byes feel really, truly terrible. But the hellos will be just as sweet. Hello family! Hello delicious Mexican food! Hello practical xeriscape landscaping! Hello warm winters!

I’m figuring out that sometimes we’re moving away from things or towards things, but we really are just always moving. A series of miracles, blessings, and little decisions led us to this wonderful home in Virginia, and I cannot imagine my life without having lived here. Another set of miracles and decisions is leading us to Arizona, and that feels just about right to me.

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