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Christmas 2014

Aaron and I took off to Albuquerque for Christmas this year to spend the holidays with my family! We ate way too much good food, spent a day in the hot springs in Pagosa, opened lots of presents, watched lots of movies, and just enjoyed being together! I’m so grateful that both sets of siblings and spouses were able to come, as well as a bonus visitor: my Grandpa! It was truly the best of times, and I sure wish we didn’t all live so far away from each other.

Our parents bought a huuuuuge tree this year! Good thing, because we have a billion ornaments from our childhood we need to fit on there!

^^Allison and Jordan brought their adorable bulldog puppy Porkchop with them on the trip (!!), and he became best friends with everyone! He loves to play with everyone and he shows affection by sitting in your lap or on your some random body part. He’s pretty much the cutest thing.^^

^^Holy moley presents!!^^

^^There were lots of cute Christmas outfits for Porkchop.^^

^^He was not particularly pleased with the elf costume, but you can bet your buttons we loved it!!^^

^^That face just kills me.^^

^^Proud parents.^^

^^Christmas morning!^^


Aaron and I are currently sitting in the ABQ airport on our way home, and our flight is delayed 2 hours so far. We may or may not make it home tonight. Kidding. Kind of.

I can’t believe this break is already over, and I can’t wait to see my family again soon!

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