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Come for Brunch?

A recap from the past couple days:
I went out to a movie with my good buds Jill and Bethany on Thursday and we saw 42 at the dollar theater. Oh man, I’ve been looking forward to this movie forever! I give it 5 big whoppin’ stars. Jackie Robinson has such an inspiring story, and Harrison Ford was a class act, as always. It sure makes me nostalgic to see him getting older. Where’s the young Indy I fell in love with as a child? Sigh.
I got a free ticket to see a sneak preview of Despicable Me 2 for Saturday! I know, it’s like week of the movies. Seeing 2 movies for $1.75 is not bad at all! It was pretty cute. I do love the minions and often giggle like a little girl when they make their funny sounds.
After the movie, I went over to visit Julie and Andy in Salt Lake, and I got to see 2 of my adorable nephews, Oliver and Henry! I love those guys. Oliver is getting so old, and Henry is delightfully chubby. Favorite part of the afternoon was when Andy grabbed Henry from his nap, and slowly held Henry around the corner so we could see his giggling face. So charming!
I finished writing my articles for the Life Science Magazine on Saturday, and with a bit of luck, the last professor I had been waiting to hear back on for an interview for a bio called the night it was due so I could finish all of my articles on time. Finished like a boss.
I’m planning to have brunch with Jill and Bethany this week (love those two), and I’ve been planning out some possible ideas. I love breakfast foods. Seriously, I need to make more breakfast foods! Aaron and I love bacon and eggs for dinner. It’s going to be a hard choice for what to make! I guess I’ll have to try 2 of them.

1. I’ve been kind of obsessed with blueberries lately, especially when it has some lemon in it. I love this blueberry cake from Alexandra’s Kitchen; it takes out all of the work of making individual cupcakes, and it’ll be easier to eat by the forkful once the guests are gone. Did I just admit that?
2. These taquitos have pepperjack cheese and a lime dip. How does Our Best Bites keep doing it? A perfect combination.
3. Eggs, sausage, and green chile casserole from Our Best Bites. Done and done. I even found a sausage variety that is kosher for me to eat! Bam.
4. I love cinnamon rolls. And raspberries. And chocolate! What a perfect combo from Sally’s Baking Addiction! Even without the glaze on top, I’m sure it’d be perfect!
5. Utah scones are a classic from my childhood. My mom used to make them with Rhodes Dough during general conference each year! Since I can’t use freezer dough, I’ve been looking for a replacement recipe, and here’s a great one from Make It Do! Can’t wait to try these out!

Two weeks down since Aaron’s been in Virginia! Only 43 days, 12 hours, 49 minutes to go.

Not that I’m counting.

2 thoughts on “Come for Brunch?”

  1. Theresa says:

    Can I hire you as our live-in chef? :)

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      Absolutely! You’d have a live-in babysitter and Paige snuggler, too!

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