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Starting a few weeks ago, I began working with a dietician who specializes in helping people with digestive disorders (me me me!), and it’s been going pretty well so far! The first step has been helping me work through an elimination diet to identify what will make my body feel better and worse. I started off by eating from a pretty limited pool of foods that excludes all refined sugar, gluten, packaged food, and a good portion of fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

That was going pretty well, but then we decided we should also cut some of the more starchy foods plus all dairy. And all happiness. Ha ha?

We’re 2 weeks in now, and we’ve hit a few more roadblocks this week. By the end of the week, I could be drinking straight bone broth. Soooooooo there’s that!

Some days I feel like I’m handling things really great! Other days, I find myself standing abnormally close to Aaron while he eats a cupcake just so I can smell how delicious it must be.

Above all, I find myself dreaming of a life without stomach issues and a much clearer understanding of what my body is telling me! I also dream a lot about what I want to eat after the elimination diet is over. High on the list: fajitas at La Parrilla Suiza and bean and potato burritos from Carolina’s. Oh my heart.

Then there’s imagining what foods I’ll get to make! If you look at my Goodreads profile, you may notice that literally 1/4 of my books are cookbooks. Whoops! Sorry, fellow Goodreaders! Were you hoping to see actual book recommendations?  Behold, the dream list:

Grilled Cheese Kitchen | Layered | The United States of Pizza (Um, did you see that they have a sourdough crust recipe??)

Here’s my reality check: there’s a good chance that wheat, refined sugar, and most packaged foods are the cause of all my woes. Wah-wah. So in the future, I imagine I’ll be shifting at least 90-95% of my diet to a different way of eating than I’m used (sourdough pizza crust, I’m still coming for you!).

Naturally Sweet (America’s Test Kitchen is killing it!) | The Big Book of Fabulous Food | Eating Purely (I think my dietician would do cartwheels over this one!)

So much of my life has been spent in the pursuit of good food, cooking what I love, and also fearing what may be hurting me. It’s a relief to be finally closer to finding some answers!

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