As I research my family history, I often find myself wishing that I had the exact geographic coordinates of the locations of significant events in the lives of my ancestors. Place names change. Rivers are redirected. Roads disappear. This makes visiting places of historical importance very difficult.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the Internet (and this blog) will be around in some form a hundred years from now. I’m going to make things easier on you youngbloods. Here’s a list of the coordinates of my life.

My birth: 31.777869,-106.480182

The Blueberry House, some of my earliest memories: 31.737986,-106.293992

The Duplex, while my father attended law school: 41.484695,-87.032174

Thomas Jefferson Elementary, which I happily attended: 41.484213,-87.045489

Grandfather’s Smoky Mountain, where I romped: 35.354244,-83.189985

The home of my childhood: 33.566769,-112.095986

The home of my teenage years: 33.706241,-112.13903

The Mission Office: 42.940763,-87.996499

The Mission Home: 42.94235,-88.020672

Appleton: 44.303551,-88.411942

Baraboo: 43.457592,-89.68106

Stevens Point: 44.522626,-89.575141

Lake Mills: 43.081427,-88.905941

Neenah: 44.183096,-88.456682

Milwaukee: 42.955606,-87.983517

Where I met Rachel: 40.257234,-111.655363

The Proposal: 40.233158,-111.630826

The Temple, where we were wed: 33.412825,-111.819654

Virginia is for Lovers, and us after college: 38.841905,-77.074222

If I am still going strong with this record, I’ll update it accordingly. Happy touring, youngbloods!

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