Cranberry Loving

It’s Thanksgiving week! Hurray! Aaron and I are taking a bus from DC to New York City tonight so we can spend a 5-day holiday with Allison and Jordan! I couldn’t be more excited to see Allison and Jordan again after almost a year’s absence (can you believe it’s been a year? Sheesh!). I’ve missed those guys sooo much, and I’m way excited to see New York again, the first time since I was 13. We’re planning on going to the Macy’s Day Parade (childhood dream come true!), do a little sightseeing, maybe see the Brooklyn Bridge, and try to make their hedgehog Elliott love me.
Have I mentioned that my sister Allison and I love to cook? We are going to cook a feast for Thanksgiving, making just about everything we can from scratch to cater to to my allergies. It’s going to be a blissful couple of days of baking, eating, and hanging with my family: my 3 favorite things! On the menu, we’ve got amazing dinner rollsherb butterasparagus and gruyere tarts, roasted Brussels sprouts, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes and gravy, Italian sausage stuffing, turkey, our favorite Montgomery family mustard, and wassail. And that’s just dinner. For dessert, we’ve got 3 (you read that right) desserts: chocolate chess piepumpkin pie, and slab apple pie. I mean, I should stop eating now in preparation. I should have stopped eating like last week! Ah well.
Speaking of holiday food, my food blogs have been blowing up with cranberry orange recipes the past few weeks. I haven’t experimented much with cranberries in the past, but there it is such a beautiful and festive fruit, I’d love to play around with it as Christmas is coming closer. Here are some of my favorites my genius food bloggers have been tempting me with.

1. First up, we have this tempting Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake from Joy the Baker. If you’re lucky to be able to eat pecans, this one is topped with a bunch of them. Treasure those nuts in memory of my love for all things pecan and peanut coated!
2. You know me and my love of rolls (as seen here and here). I’ve always been a fan of orange sweet rolls, so these Cranberry Orange Breakfast Buns from Smitten Kitchen seem like the natural progression from that first love.
3. A soft Cranberry Orange Loaf from Mel’s Kitchen looks so simple and classic, letting the flavors shine through without too much fuss.
4. Adding raspberries to cranberries sounds absolutely perfect! This Fresh Cranberry Raspberry Sauce from A Bountiful Kitchen looks so tart and fruity, I’m thinking of pouring this over a dark chocolate tart. Mmm, I just went there.
5. I truly can’t have enough glaze in my life. It’s true. Sure I’m forced to use organic powdered sugar that costs an arm and a leg, but it soooo worth it for that extra creamy layer. This Orange Glazed Cranberry Bread from Sally’s Baking Addiction looks absolutely dreamy.

Happy Thanksgiving!