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Daydreaming of August. And Kitchens.

The day has come. Aaron started driving to the East this morning, and I’m doing my best to stay busy. Sigh.

I had my last class today for spring term, and as long as everything goes according to plan, this semester will be done by tomorrow and I’ll have a nice little break before summer term starts on Monday. One more term! Woooo! August really can’t come fast enough. F’reals.
I started my writing job with the College of Life Sciences Magazine! I got my assignments last week, and sent out a round of emails and phone calls to make appointments for interviews with 10–15 people. I discovered a couple of things about myself: I like scheduling interviews (yes, I’m one of those people who loves penciling in my schedule in my Franklin), but I love interviewing people even more. Talking with a professor in the nutrition department, I had a blast! This is going to be a fun week talking with all of these interviews.
I’ve been so blessed these last few weeks to have friends call or text me, offering support to me while Aaron is away. Seriously, I have the greatest friends. It really makes me feel a lot better, even when Aaron is away. Love you guys.
In my spare time spent not wallowing around, I like to dream about living in Virginia. And what my kitchen will look like. (Yes, I am always daydreaming about kitchens).
I used to long for the day when we can paint our home, but when I stalked some of my favorite design blogs, I thought, hey! Why not embrace the white walls? I’ve been looking for ways to add some flavor by non-permanent means rather than resorting to paint.
via Design Mom

My favorite part of this kitchen is how simplistic it is! And I’m dying to buy a plate shelf like that one to show off my Anthropologie plates. I always hate shutting up my favorite plates in a cupboard. My plates want to be seen! Be free! I found this cute one at Ikea that also has little hooks at the bottom so I could hang my teacup set.

via Darling Clementine
I’m a little bit obsessed with the idea of hanging pictures of fruit in the kitchen. Maybe that’s because we had fruit wallpaper in our house in Omaha. Maybe that was my parents way of subliminally making us hungry at dinner. Sneaky, Mom. I’m considering trying to make a similar rendition in Adobe Illustrator of these babies.
via Thrifty Decor Chick

I have always been obsessed with ranunculus. I was a teeny bit (okay, a lot) heartbroken when I found out that ranunculus were not in season for my wedding bouquet last August. I’ll just make up for it by finding a  pretty fake arrangement for my kitchen table! (Do pretty fake ranunculus exist?) I love this idea of putting flowers in a pitcher instead of a plain old vase. There are so many pretty pitchers out there–so multipurpose, too! I’m thinking about something like this beauty.

Aaron’s first leg of the trip took him to Lincoln, NE, a hop and a skip away from my old stomping grounds in Omaha. These 2 months won’t be fun, but he’s got my heart wherever he is. So for tonight, my heart is in Lincoln.

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  1. Sis Mel says:

    I hope Aaron comes and stays with us for a night or two on his way to VA!

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