DC Temple

Aaron and I had a lovely weekend. We drove to the Washington, DC temple in the morning, and it was on my absolutely favorite parkway! Seriously, it feels like you’re in a movie.
We drove in the Camaro with the top down (Oh man, my hair was flyin’ baby!) so we could really take in the view. It was breathtaking.

Forgive my low-quality iPhone pics, but try to imagine it in person. It’s incredible.

It’s clear to me why Virginians are so proud of their state. Virginia has already stolen my heart, and  I feel myself getting more attached by the day! It’s such a different kind of beauty, different from the plains and mountains I’ve lived in all of my life.
The temple was absolutely stunning. One of the most beautiful temples I’ve ever seen and walked in! The gardens around the temple were seriously unreal.

We spent the night watching the BYU game against Texas. Best. Game. Ever! So proud of my Cougs.

In other news, remember how I graduated from BYU last month?


It turns out I’m 9.5 credits short, a fact that my counselor just discovered today, almost a full month after I put on my blue robes and got my fake diploma. This is BYU’s 2nd and most successful attempt at messing with my graduation. Needless to say, it’s been a pretty louay day. The good news is I can take Independent Study courses and be officially done by Thanksgiving.

Do I hate BYU? No; at least I’m trying my hardest not to hate it. These things happen, I know, but it’s a crummy way to end my college career to say the least. I will always to be grateful to BYU for my education, its incredible professors, the people I met there, and of course, the opportunity to meet and marry Aaron. However, I will never be grateful for the inefficiencies within their counseling department and how many times they have worked against my education, rather than helping me reach my goals. BYU has a lot of great things going for it, but unfortunately, the counseling staff does a pretty good job at screwing that up.

Rant over.

I’m going to be OK. I’m still going to graduate from BYU, and that’s the important thing. Mom, thank you for letting me cry and worry to you today. Allison, thank you for commiserating and bad-mouthing BYU with me over chat today. And of course, a huge thank you to my wonderful husband who helps me find the positive in everything and buys me Ben and Jerry’s when I mope. I love you all.

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  1. Allison says:

    Ben & Jerry’s really is the best way to deal with these things…

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