East Coast Road Trip

Recap time! Here’s what the Taylors have been up to the past week:

Last Wednesday, I took the Front Runner up to SLC to pick up Aaron from the airport! There were so many wonderful emotions: relief, joy, happiness, and an increase of love. We are so happy to be back together! All is right in the world with my husband by my side.

We spent the next two days in graduation festivities and packing up everything we own. Seriously, how did we get so much stuff? I am so grateful for my parents who helped us pack our boxes and do final cleaning! I don’t know how we could have finished it all without their help!

We started our drive across the country on Sunday—3 long days traveling over 2,500 miles. We passed through my old hometown—Omaha, Nebraska—and I had fun showing Aaron around my house I grew up in and my old high school!

It was pretty weird passing by old my haunts, almost as if it had been a different life. It was nice to see that my childhood home hasn’t changed much on the outside, and it looks just as beautiful as I remember!

We spent the next night in Valparaiso, Indiana, Aaron’s childhood home from the ages of 4 to 7. We stopped by his elementary school, favorite playground, and home. I love seeing these places where Aaron grew up before he became the man I know now!

The drive was long, and I was pretty worried about what I would eat on the road. With my allergies, processed foods are normally off-limits, but with some research, I found out that there was something I could eat at Subway. No, it wasn’t the breads or the meats. (The next time you claim that Subway is fresh, take a look at how much HFCS is in both of those foods. Yikes.) Strangely enough, it was their frozen cheese pizzas that used normal ingredients. Strange world we live in, right? Anywho, I had one of these every day on the trip. Thanks Subway for saving me!

We made it to Virginia on Tuesday night, and I love our apartment already. Pictures to come! I’m loving Virginia and DC already!

2 thoughts on “East Coast Road Trip”

  1. Allison says:

    So glad you made it there alive :)

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      It’s a miracle! Today at church, we were talking to a couple who also recently made the drive from Utah to the East, and they thought we were so fast for doing it in 3 days! I should’ve told them what my dare devils of siblings I have like you guys! ;)

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