Eastern Market

I’m kind of a major sucker for pancakes. When someone tells me about the best pancakes they’ve ever had, I’ve gotta try them. So when my sister-in-law Emily and several of our friends here in DC said we needed to try the Blueberry Buckwheat pancakes (called Blue Bucks) at Eastern Market, I decided to drag go with Aaron to try them out!

They were pretty tasty, I’ll give them that. Softly sweet with gorgeous plump blueberries. But they sell the maple syrup separately, and since Aaron and I refuse to eat pancakes with the fake stuff anymore (#neveragain), it was a bit overhyped and overpriced for me. Still tasty, don’t get me wrong, but when you make homemade pancakes with pure maple syrup at home on a regular basis, it’s just not as life changing, I suppose. You can officially label me a pancake snob. It’s cool; I can handle it.

We had a great time wandering around the flea market afterwards! We ended up buying a sweet Tour de France poster! Let it be known that our obsession with bikes will now be displayed on our walls!
Since Aaron’s new bike hadn’t come in yet, we parked at my office and walked to the market, which I loved! The area is really pretty and it’s right by the Capitol! I fell pretty hard for the beautiful town homes in the area. So colorful!
I fall in love with DC more and more every time I explore it!
In other news, Aaron is officially done with BYU! He finished his last Independent Study course 2 weeks ago, and he’s just waiting for them to mail his diploma! I’m so proud of him!
Happy weekend!