Friday Love

  1. Um, who else knew that milk men still exist? My coworker uses the South Mountain Creamery and has milk delivered in milk bottles every week, along with fresh eggs and cream. I am insanely charmed by the idea, not to mention she swears that the eggs are 10x better than regular store bought.
  2. Pistachios belong on everything. Especially donuts.
  3. Aaron would be brilliant at this job. His ads we put up on Craigslist for our car are so funny!
  4. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here making domed cloche jars for everything I make from now on.
  5. Apparently Saturday is National S’mores Day (seriously, who decides these things?!), so I’ll be sure to have an extra s’more at the campfire tonight! Don’t mind if I do!
  6. Allison sent me this recipe, and I about died. I’m sure feeling s’more festive now! Get it? Eh?
  7. I love when you find out that other people have found similar solutions to problems that you have. Like this.
  8. Kind of sort of really obsessed with these treat bags.
  9. Note to self when I can renovate my future home: tile can be beautiful.
  10. Brilliant ways to use up my Annie’s boxes of macaroni I foolishly bought a giant case of at Costco. Whoopsie…
  11. I love this artist’s calendar she puts out every month! It brightens my laptop!
Aaron and I are on the road today for a nice extended Labor Day weekend in North Carolina! We’re going camping, tubing, hiking in the mountains, and eating waaaay too much—all of the makings of a great vacation!