Friday Love

It’s Friday! We made it! Aaron and I are planning on heading into the city tomorrow to go back to the Smithsonian American Art Museum and maybe grab a bite at Shophouse (the Asian version of Chipotle). Happy weekend!
  1. Amazing visualization of a NYC taxi driver’s route in 24 hours. What a crazy job that would be!
  2. I’m a little less obsessed with pumpkin recipes as I was last year: this year, it’s all about the apple cider.
  3. What a great way to inspire yourself  to send snail mail more often! That feels like what one of my new year’s resolutions is going to be this year.
  4. Definitely feeling inspired to start scrapbooking more in the future. I’m really drawn to Ali Edward’s style lately.
  5. I’m getting a little bit crazy about Serial. My coworkers and I are starting to sound a bit like this. It’s just fascinating!
  6. Related to Serial, this made me laugh so hard! I love Ira Glass.
  7. A timely reminder about how to make your last name plural! (Grammar nerd, I know.)
  8. Spatchcocking a turkey. Apparently that’s a thing.
  9. Funniest parody I’ve seen in a looooooong time!
  10. I want to throw a holiday party just so I can make a pretty holiday table like this!
  11. This golden retriever is my spirit animal.
  12. I’m really tempted to do this for Thanksgiving.
  13. How amazing is this dresser?
(Picture taken at the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial last week.)