Hill Country BBQ | DC Eats

It’s time to gush about my coworkers again.

I’m so blessed to have coworkers who I look forward to seeing everyday! We had a proofreading day about a week ago where all of the editors sat in a conference room together to go through composition pages, asking each other questions and having a grand time!

Cindy, one of the head editors in my department, was so sweet to take us out to lunch at Hill Country BBQ, and it was amazing! They serve Austin-style BBQ that is a more serve-yourself style of food. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

These are my lovely friends! (Minus Dean who went home sick that day.)

Cindy (furthest on the left) is so funny; she is great at making any frustrating situation into a joke and she’s incredible at remembering details about people’s lives. I once mentioned to her that Aaron and I love eating dried mangoes on road trips, and she surprised me with a bag of mangoes on my desk a few months later for Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t believe that she remembered!
Linda (in the middle) is so cheerful and interested in hearing about our lives. She’s one of those people who asks how your weekend was and you can tell she really wants to know!
Marcy (furthest on the right) sits next to me when she’s in the office, and it’s way fun sharing the ridiculous things we find in our reports, laughing about the silly things copyeditors do, and sharing stories about our families.
Love these ladies.

Back to food. I mean, c’mon. Look at this delicious meal. It was soooooooo good! I highly recommend it to any locals!