How Fruity

We’ve got a fun 3-day weekend ahead!

I’m definitely making these cookie bars. Probably while watching Pride and Prejudice (which I just bought for $4 at Target. How did I not have it before?) We’re heading into DC tomorrow morning to waltz around National Mall, one of those quintessential places I’ve been dying to go to since I found out we were moving to the DC metro area. I think that’s when I’m really going to feel like I’m in Washington, DC! Maybe we’ll stop in at a Smithsonian, too. On Labor Day, we’re also planning on kayaking in the C&O canal. So many fun things to do around here!

Can my furniture just get here already? I just want to have all of my cooking supplies! My spices! My Kitchen Aid! They miss me! Sigh. While I daydream of my whisks and food processors, I’ve been looking at lovely watercolors and drawings of food. It’s my latest inspiration for decorating the kitchen. How beautiful is that artichoke? I want them. Aaaaall of them.

1st: Apple | Artichoke | Pear | Peach
                    2nd: Banana | Blueberries | Broccoli | Perfect Pear

Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “How Fruity”

  1. Rosanne Bailey says:

    I vote for apple, artichoke and pear!

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      Those are my favorite ones, too!

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