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Ice Cream Reveries

Getting back into the swing of things after holiday break always takes a long time for me. Reengaging mentally is so hard after sleeping in late in the mornings, hanging out with family, and not working for a few weeks straight. January usually marks the start of school, which has that inevitable 1st week lull while the teacher reads through the syllabus and plays get to know you games. That’s always a nice way to start school again, in my opinion, before the harsh deadlines slam in your face and you’re desperately waiting for the next break to begin.
This year, I’m not physically in school, which has made it really hard to get back in the right frame of mind for focusing on classes. But it’s time to start being disciplined again and get serious about online classes. Le sigh. Aaron and I have a goal of finishing our classes by April so he can prepare for the LSAT, and I can not feel like a failure when the rest of my friends graduate in April. Just kidding. But not really.
Sometimes, you want to have a pathetic little pity party for yourself because you need to finish online classes. Sometimes you make these for dessert when your husband’s boss and coworkers come over for dinner, and then eat waaaay too many of the leftovers the next day. It happens.
My beautiful new Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker and I are now well acquainted, and the first batch of strawberry ice cream was absolutely divine. Couldn’t have turned out better. So I guess we’ll have to make more ice cream, right? I’m gonna say that will be the solution for giving me motivation to study: make way too much homemade ice cream all the time. It’ll be great.
I’ll be bummed about studying. Eat ice cream. Study. Eat more ice cream. Cry about having to study. Eat more ice cream. Be really happy that I have ice cream. Rinse and repeat.
Whaddayathink? Do we have a plan? Good. I think I’ll start with these little tasties.

1. Strawberries & Angel Food Cake | 2. Double Cookie Dough | 3. Salted Butter Caramel | 4. Blackberry Chocolate Chip | 5. Birthday Cake

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