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In Other Words: Single Bite

SprinklesAs I’m drawing nearer to the end of my 3-month journey with my elimination diet, I wish I could say that I’ve handled every change with poise and grace.

“Eliminate all dairy products? Great news!”

“Take out all starchy vegetables? Splendid.”

The truth of the matter is I’ve spent a good portion of this process complaining to my mom on a daily basis and crying to Aaron as I pored over my languishing cookbooks. I have, however, resisted every temptation to break my elimination diet, including not enjoying the countless free meal opportunities that have inexplicably come into my life and resisting the siren call of Starbursts on a work trip. Sigh.

During one of my woe-is-me days, I turned on an episode of one of my favorite podcasts, The Lively Show, and marveled at how closely it applied to my life in that moment.

She compared different times in our life to a bowl of delicious moose track ice cream. By nature of the ice cream itself, every bite tastes different depending if you catch a bite of fudge, a chunk of peanut butter cups, or a simple bite of vanilla. Each bite is delicious, but certainly never the same.

My current bite of life has been challenging in a lot of ways. Eliminating my favorite things to eat and cook has been both a mental and physical challenge. I’ve spent the past month either drinking bone broth or pureed soups, which has become the greatest conversation starter that I’ve never wanted to have.

And yet, to put it in perspective, this is just one bite of my life that I’m working through. 3 months out of the hopefully 792 or more months I hope to enjoy in this lifetime. I sincerely wish that this bite tasted a bit more like moose tracks instead of bone broth (so help me if I ever have bone broth again after next week), but I’ve survived it all the same.

From here on out, I’m feeling hopeful that I’m due up for a peanut butter cup bite one of these days!

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