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Some people may dream of their ideal living room or bedroom; not me. I want lots of room in the kitchen for my baking adventures.
I have many lofty dreams of what my kitchen will be when we’re established. It’ll have miles of countertop space, a high-powered dish washer, a double oven, and it will be decorated with lots and lots of Anthropologie. Hey, a girl can dream, right?
My Ideal Anthro Kitchen: one.two.three.four.five.
I mean, how much cuter can it get than a cake towel and a winking owl? Oh yes, that polka dot napkin might be just the thing.
Now that I’m out of my dream world, an update on us. Aaron started his LSAT prep course today! He did well on the practice test today, and he’s excited to work hard these next 3 weeks as he learns more in preparation for the LSAT in October. He’s also had a few interviews with different companies last week, one with a software company in Maryland and another with a mortgage company in Phoenix. We’d obviously love to stay in the West, but we’ll go where the job takes us if we need to! Besides, I bet there could be some fun editing jobs on the East Coast. Also, Elliott, my sister’s hedgehog is in the East (and Allison and Jordan, too, I guess).
I’ve officially gone 10 days without eating any foods that are bad for my food allergies! And yes, that is an accomplishment for me, unfortunately. Although I have cravings from time to time (Aaron can tell you about our chats about my desperate need for BYU Chocolate Milk), I am learning to tame the beast inside me that growls (demands, really) for poptarts. I’ve also started working more directly in the Maxwell building south of campus so I’m not tempted by the various vending machines. My stomach is not perfect, by any means; in fact, today has been a bit of a rough day. According to my research, it’s typical for adults to feel better after a month of starting the elimination diet, so I’m going to work hard this next few weeks so I can start getting some relief! Of course, that means not partaking in the banana pudding and macarons that my family will be making this weekend, but I am strong like a lion and I think I’ll bring some Nesquik to splurge on, just in case.
Speaking of this weekend, I get to see most of my family for my brother Rhett’s wedding in St. George! I can’t wait to see everyone, to squeeze chubby Henry’s cheeks, marvel at how tall my 15-year-old nephew is, and gab with my sisters. I’m so happy for Rhett and Fernanda, and I can’t wait to enjoy in this special weekend! After the wedding, Cory and Emily (Aaron’s brother and wife) are coming into town!
It’s going to be a great week!


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  1. Allison says:

    EAST COAST!!!!!!

    <3 Elliott

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