KitchInspiration #01

Oh don’t mind me, I’m just having way too much fun over here with Anthropologie’s new lookbook they so delightfully and terribly delivered to my mailbox last week.

Let’s face it, I do already have an assortment of Anthro dinnerware, but who cares? No big deal? I want more!

Let’s get into it:

^^Buying a pretty salad bowl pretty much compels you to eat more salad, right?^^

^^I’ve been getting the hankering for making cloth napkins lately.  I recently saw someone who made a whole bunch for cheap using Fat Quarter Bundles that people use for quilting! Isn’t that genius? They’re already pre-cut squares in a variety of colors, and all they need is hemming! And considering you can get a bunch together, they end up costing around $2.50 a pop instead of Anthro’s beautiful napkins that cost four times as much. There are a bunch of beautiful options online! Going to get to it one of these days!^^

^^This, THIS is what I dream about to house my teacup and pitcher collection! A bright pop of color for the shelves, and I’m obsessed with housing little flowers and plants in them! Here are a few teacups I’ve been salivating over: No1, No2, No3^^

^^A perfect serving dish. I love the colors and moderate size. Ugh.^^

^^Welp, I’ve been slowly diminishing our glasses supply. We’re down 2 or 3 now (curse you clumsy fingers!) and I’m interested in trying something with more personality like these guys.^^

^^We love our wall rails that we use for our pots and pans. Not having to stack pans in a cupboard is a lifesaver! It’s making me think about painting ours to a beautiful copper someday!^^

Oh, Anthro, I am waaay into your style lately. Too cool for school.

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