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Life Lately | District Taco & Sugar Shack

At the beginning of February, I ended my time at the Academies (hold back the waterworks, Rachel!) and said goodbye to these wonderful coworkers who mean the world to me! They truly are the best people, and I’m missing them so much already!

^^I’m now working at ASCPT in Old Town Alexandria. It’s 5 minutes away from the heart of adorable Old Town and right across the street from Trader Joe’s. I swear I didn’t pick the job based on proximity of Trader Joe’s ha ha! Aaron was a little suspicious at the time. I feel so lucky getting to work in DC and Old Town: my two favorite places! Can someone please visit me so I can take you down the cobblestone streets of Old Town? Pretty please?^^

^^My new coworkers are the cutest and got me beautiful flowers my first day! They are the loveliest people, and I’m loving my job already!^^

^^Because we work in a town house, my boss Sharon brings in her dog Cabernet to work some days. I’m obsessed with having a dog around!^^

^^Now that I’m working in Old Town, Aaron and I are working only 10 minutes away from each other! We’ve started to meet up for lunch on Friday, which is my favorite thing in the world! Our first lunches have both been at District Taco. After trying both the tacos and the burritos, we’ve concluded that the tacos are the best things to get there. Be sure to get the carne asada, Mexican way (aka cilantro and onions on top). Trust me.^^

^^I’ve been working on my DSLR class, and I absolutely love learning more about my camera! So far I’ve learned about focus and shutter speed so far, which already feels life changing. I can’t wait to learn more!^^

^^February is a pretty busy month for us. Aaron’s birthday is on the 3rd, Valentine’s Day rolls in, and my birthday is right after on the 15th! So much good food and celebration! It’s pretty much the best! For Valentine’s Day, I bought four donuts from a new donut shop by my office. (I’m telling you guys, the location is PRIMO!) Sugar Shack was ranked in the top 10 for donuts in the country. Thank you world.^^ 

^^Maple bacon, classic glazed, apple cinnamon cake, and Snickers. Dear gracious. My favorites were definitely the Snickers and the maple bacon. No surprise there! They’re absolutely delicious.^^

Life is pretty great! Can’t complain when you have delicious tacos and donuts in your life, and a husband who makes every day the best!

4 thoughts on “Life Lately | District Taco & Sugar Shack”

  1. hal says:

    Where are you taking your DSLR class?

  2. Cami Hall says:

    Those donuts look delicious! And your office looks so cute! I want to visit- pick me pick me!!!! I looked at that DSLR class from A Beautiful Mess- I love them- it’s on my list! (as well as all their other classes haha!)

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      They are as good as they look! And I think you’d love the class! They’re really good at explaining things, and when you have a nice camera, it seems a shame to not use it to its full potential, right? Thanks for commenting, Cami!

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