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It’s been awhile, folks. Here’s what we’ve been up to the past 2 weeks!

We finally got all of our belongings! Woohoo! It’s so wonderful to have tables and chairs and a bed, too!

Aaron’s been slaving away on LSAT prep (2 weeks to go!), putting furniture together for us on the weekends, and being the best husband in the world.

We spent this past Saturday collecting food for a food charity, sporting these attractive yellow vests. Well, Aaron spent the day collecting food, but after a few hours, I headed off to work.

Say what? Yeah, that’s right, I said work! I got a job as a part time sales associate at Anthropologie in Fairfax! I started last week, and I just finished my official training. Look at my cute locker they gave me! It’s a funny coincidence considering Aaron and I have been obsessed with this music video lately. (Just like the rest of the world, right?)

Working at Anthropologie has been just wonderful so far! It has a good mixture of slow times and busy times, I enjoy talking with the customers, my coworkers are great, and I get to work in a store that I love to death! It’s a really fun place to work, and I’m delighted to work there.

I spent most of the last week unpacking, and the bedroom and most of the kitchen is finally situated! Of course, don’t look at the ginormous pile of boxes in the living room. It’s amazing how situated I feel when I have all of my plates and utensils unpacked and all of my clothes on hangers. We’re getting there!

I start taking my first independent study class today: Beginning Piano. Should be easy, I hope! I’m trying to be grateful for the excuse to practice piano more often. I’m trying to positive about it. Sigh.

We are so happy to be out here, and I’m so grateful for the friends we have already made here. Virginia, I just love you!

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