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Oh hey blog. It’s been a while. We are all still alive over here, busy working, watching too much Parks and Recreation (I love that Aaron also loves this show), eating delicious chili, and shaking our fists at the impending winter. Go away, winter. Nobody wants you.
Thanks to everyone who’s checked in on me the last couple weeks. I’ve missed you guys. Love you all!
I’ve got some other posts in the work about the past couple weeks, but until then, here are my favorite links for your perusal this weekend! Happy Friday!

1. I know Aaron doesn’t usually like cheesecake, buuuuut I might have to make these salted mini caramel cheesecakes for a party or something. Too tempting.

2. This is just ridiculous. A pumpkin s’mores tart? Are you for reals?

3. Our Best Bites always has the best rolls. I love the idea of making these amazing one-hour dinner rolls that take away the time from their other recipes. Plus, I can eat bread for every meal.

4. I’ve been having a lemon craving for a while, and I think these lemon angel food dupcakes need to go on the list. Maybe to make for the work bake sale they’re having in a few weeks?

Holiday Fun

1. With gifts around the corner, I love the idea of these fabric letter tags to personalize a present.

2. Growing up, we always had an advent calendar to look forward to during December,and I love this gorgeous homemade advent calendar. Wouldn’t they be fun with little gifts and messages inside?

3. This Thanksgiving decor is made out of ice cream cones. Say whaat? Amazing!

4. Oooh, I love these gilded leaf place cards. A fun way to bring in the beautiful colors that are already all around us!

Everything Else

1. I was so touched by this beautiful family story. Thinking of some of my nephews and nieces and the miracles of their births, I found this so heartwarming. Families are beautiful.

2. One of my favorite bloggers had a bedroom makeover by Emily Henderson (who is awesome sauce), and it is gorgeous. I love the patterns and quirky artwork!

3. And another shiny bedroom makeover by Emily Henderson. I can’t help myself. Her style speaks to my soul.

4. Aaaaand to finish things out, look at these delightful pictures of puppy baby nap time. New goal: have a kid who becomes best friends with our future dog. It’s a plan.

6 thoughts on “Links I Love”

  1. Summer says:

    That premie video made me BAWL. (It’s the hormones….)
    I love the salmon/olive bedroom.
    Glad to hear from you again!

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      I know, that video was so overwhelming!

  2. Theresa says:

    We love Parks and Rec! Ron Swanson is hilarious!

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      Oh my gosh, he’s my favorite. “Bring me all the bacon and eggs you have.”

  3. Theresa says:

    There’s only one thing I hate more than lying: skim milk. Which is water that’s lying about being milk.

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      Yes! I listened to an interview with him on NPR’s “Wait wait don’t tell me” podcast, and apparently all of his hair is natural and he owns a woodworking shop online! Makes him even cooler.

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