Map Inspiration

I’ve been inspired by a few things lately when thinking about art prints for our apartment.
I love the idea of decorating with maps, especially maps of places that Aaron and I have lived in and loved. It feels like a sentimental display of our life and the places we’ve left little pieces of our hearts! Here are a few pictures I’ve been loving:
via Belle Maison
via Belle Maison
via Apartment Therapy
I’m thinking of a wall collage using more than just normal maps, although those are so fun and colorful, too. Some of my favorite finds have been more conceptual drawings of Chase Stadium (home to Aaron’s beloved Diamondbacks) and of Washington, DC’s recognizable monuments. Aren’t these cool? I like the idea that the list of places we’ll display will only grow as we move around and spread our roots.
 1st row: onetwo | three
2nd row: four | five | six

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  1. Audrey says:

    SOOOO CUTE. Love that idea Rach!

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