Mt. Vernon

Since Aaron and I started biking a few months ago, we’ve talked about what kind of goals we want to reach. For me, I’ve had several different steps that I’ve reached:

Make it up hills without walking. Or crying. (Kidding! Sort of.)

Bike the whole 8 miles to work without stopping.

Be able to scratch my nose without veering off the path and crashing. Don’t laugh.

Aaron and I also had a goal ride that we wanted to go on when we felt ready: the 30-mile round-trip ride to Mount Vernon! We finally decided we were ready this weekend, and we set out on Saturday morning!

^^Our bikes, Lionel and Gunnar, are quite the handsome pair, aren’t they? Believe it or not, the ride wasn’t too bad at all! The weather was absolutely perfect and the trail was stunning! We paced ourselves, stopped briefly at the halfway point, and only encountered major hills in the last 4 miles. I guess it is called Mt. Vernon for a reason! Oof.^^

^^I fell in love with the gardens. They are so beautiful, and there are soooo many different kinds of flowers there! So much fun!^^

^^Also, these sunflowers were like 7 feet tall. Too cool.^^

^^We took a tour of the main mansion in the afternoon. It was really neat to see the bedroom where Washington actually lived in, as well as the desk where he made so many important decisions as a general! I was geeking out.^^

^^It’s incredible how beautiful Washington made his home. Gah. It’s amazing!^^

^^In front of the bowling green! (P.S. I totally want one of those at our future house ha!)

^^We did it! It felt so great to complete a ride that at one point seemed absolutely impossible to me. Biking is making an exercise lover out of me! Who woulda thunk??^^
When we went to bed that night, I slept for a solid 11 hours without waking up once! I never do that anymore, so I guess I really did tire my body out ha ha! This definitely counts as one of my favorite days here!