My Mom

I’m so grateful for my mother. I mean, she’s more than the person who fed me, bathed me, and combed through the tangles of my hair every morning.
She’s the person who
– first taught me how to cook and helped me start my first cookbook,
– showed me how to work hard and multitask like none other,
– made us all incredible homemade Halloween costumes each year,
– balanced all of our schedules and gave us every opportunity in the world,
– encourages me in everything I do and believes in me,
– listens to every mundane detail of my life and takes my side when I need her,
– offers great advice,
– loves Aaron and treats him like we’ve been family all of our lives,
– and makes me want to be just like her when I’m a mother.
Although I’m not yet a mother, when I am, I hope that I can be as loving, comforting, and wonderful as my own dear sweet mother. Mom, I wish I could be with you on this special day, but I want you to know how much I love you!

One thought on “My Mom”

  1. Rosanne Bailey says:

    Thank you my sweetheart! Love you!

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