National Archives

Aaron and I went to National Archives a few weeks ago, and it was wam-bam awesome!

Sure, it was a little less like this than I expected:

But it was incredible all the same!

We obviously couldn’t take any pictures inside, but it was absolutely wonderful! Standing in front of the Declaration of Independence was absolutely surreal. So old, faded, and worn, and yet still the important document that represents our beginning. It was totally surreal. I totally understood why Nicholas Cage wanted to steal it. It’s just that cool.

My face was pretty much stuck looking like this afterwards:

Go America!

2 thoughts on “National Archives”

  1. Nancy Conley says:

    Oh we loved visiting the National Archives. Did you see the Charles Ingalls homestead papers? Definitely one of the highlights for me! The four of us took a “National Treasure” vacation to DC and Philly several years ago ~ we had our own little treasure hunt. We found many of the exact same spots that were featured in the movie!

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      I didn’t see those papers! I’ll have to go back and see them! That sounds like a way fun trip. I’d love to go to Philly and see all of those places!

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