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Polka Dots + Technical Editing

The weeks are going by faster and faster. As soon as we accepted the job on the East Coast, it’s been a flurry of excitement as we’ve been researching potential law schools for Aaron, looking for reasonable housing, and trying to find some work for me to do.
The good news is that there appear to be plenty of opportunities for editors in Washington, DC, but narrowing down which jobs I am qualified for and can see myself doing for the next year (or more) is a challenge in itself. I’ve set myself a goal to work on the job hunt an hour a day so I can get as many applications out as possible, and hopefully get some responses in the next 2 months! My ideal job would be as a technical editor (please, stop yawning), and hopefully start making some contacts to build up my network as a future freelancer. Why technical editing? Well, it’s a more lucrative career with more possibilities in the job field. Other than the practical reasons, I enjoy the stimulation of analyzing a technical piece of writing and trying to put all of the puzzle pieces together.  My job at the Maxwell Institute has helped me appreciate diving into unknown territories and learning as I go! How else would I have learned about ancient Syriac prophets, like Ephrem? Hold in your jealousy.
One more week of spring semester. Bah! I’m turning in the first draft of my portfolio tomorrow, and the final book project is due on the 20th. Piece o’ cake. Sort of.
Aaron is finishing up his internship this next week and figuring out his departure date for the East Coast. The more we research law schools and housing, the more we realize that we’ll probably be looking at moving to Virginia rather than Maryland. Virginia has more law school opportunities, has a lower cost of living, and would have a smaller commute time into DC.
We also discovered that part 1 of the latest Doctor Who season is on Amazon Prime right now. Oh man. How we’ve missed the Doctor!
I’m a teeny bit embarrassed about this next part. It’s almost as bad as when I couldn’t spell Albuquerque before moving there (I started pronouncing it Al-boo-qwer-qway to learn how to spell it). I’ve encountered a weird conundrum when different online applications ask me to fill in the city and state I’m searching for jobs in. Do I just call the city Washington and the state DC? Or do I call the city Washington, DC and also call the state DC? I’m getting seriously confused. Does anyone know?
In other news, I’m starting to renovate the blog again. Did you notice the updated menu bar and polka dot background? I’m a teensy bit obsessed with polka dots ever since I got these shoes for my last birthday. I could have polka dots everywhere!
1. I love my mismatched collection of dinnerware from Anthropologie, but I sometimes wish I had one set of dinnerware to mix and match with. I think this hand painted dinnerware set from West Elm would be splendid!
2. I think I’d wear this tea dress from ASOS everywhere: school, work, home, and tea parties (obviously). Everywhere.
3. I live in my jeans. They’re my go-to in most of the months. I think the next pair I’m going to buy should be a cute printed pair of jeans like this from J. Crew. Navy’s pretty much a neutral, in my opinion. Also, I think it would make me look like Lucille Ball.
4. I’ve been wanting to make some pillow covers for months now, and now I’ve got the excuse of waiting to see our new apartment in the East. Bah. Maybe when I finally get around to it, I’ll consider doing something like this creamy dots pillow from Etsy.
5. When I read French Kids Eat Everything a week ago, I loved the concept that French have that a meal should be an event. The French typically dress up their tables with tablecloths and decorations (like this table runner from Anthro!), and each meal is like a celebration! Oh, to eat like a European.
Onto another busy and wonderful week!


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  1. hal says:

    DC is not a state. Washington is the city in the District of Columbia but everyone just calls the city Washington, DC.

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