Restoration of Hope

Food allergies get me down, no doubt about it. I get really sad when I find out I can’t eat my BBQ sauce or that there’s potato flour in my favorite bread from Smith’s. Aaron can attest, I can be quite the crybaby (“I’ll never eat packaged bread again!”), but Aaron has helped me to not give up on things and to look for alternatives. Bless my husband.

Yesterday, we spent a good amount of time perusing the aisles of Sprouts. I normally never look for anything except their awesome produce because I always thought that all that organic stuff was for hippies or people who were allergic to everything.
That’s when I realized, oh wait. I am that girl who is allergic to everything. That’s the day when I realized that Sprouts is a magical land of happiness where dreams come true. I walked through the aisles and had a grand ol’ time finding various food products I didn’t think I could eat again. Ready for my finds? Macaroni and Cheese, Popsicles, packaged bread, bottled marinara sauce, yogurt, and BBQ sauce. No, I didn’t buy everything, but we did buy a few splurge items! It made me feel really normal to buy macaroni and cheese. 
I was also surprised to find that Dreyer’s chocolate ice cream doesn’t have corn syrup, but their vanilla variety does. Strange but wonderful we live in, right?
Sprouts, you are beautiful. I love you. Keepin’ up the faith.