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Root Beer Mecca

Once upon a time, Aaron and I were trying to track down his favorite root beer to have at our wedding reception. It’s called Sprecher, and it’s seriously impossible to track down! Aaron first experienced it on his mission to Wisconsin (Sprecher is made in Wisconsin), and it’s only sold at specific places in the United States. The root beer seems to fly off the shelf, no joke! We would call a store, find a few cases, and by the time we get there, it would all be gone. Seriously, who are the ninjas who sit outside the store and snag it the minute it arrives?

Anywho, I happened to think of Sprecher this past week and thought to give Macey’s a call, and sure enough, they had it in stock! I couldn’t help myself. I bought 2 cases and enjoyed the joyful glee on Aaron’s face when he got home! Seriously, there’s nothing better than surprising Aaron.

I had my first glass of it, and Aaron was telling the truth! It seriously is the best root beer out there. You’ve got to try it! Their website has a function to find Sprecher in a local store. Buy some and surprise someone you love!

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