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Rugs—It was fate

This week in the Taylor household . . .
Let’s pick up where we left off with Aaron. After an exhilarating bike ride to work each morning, Aaron saves the marketing world one email at a time, works ’til 5:30 PM, bikes home, and spends most of his night studying for the LSAT. He’s also been making charts about possible law schools to apply to and dreaming about where he’ll get in!
4 weeks until Aaron takes the LSAT! I’m already counting down the days!
What about me? I’ve been enjoying sleeping in each morning, managing a sleepy goodbye to Aaron when he leaves at 8, and then snoozing until 9 or 10. In my defense, my body is still adjusting to EST. It’s quite the luxury!
I spend the majority of my day filling out unending amounts of job applications. Yesterday, I thought I was interviewing for an HR job, but I turned out to be signing up for an employment service. I was not pleased with the surprise, but maybe it’ll lead to something? Who knows. Apparently everyone else comes out of college with 3–5 years of administrative experience. I’m the odd man out, I guess! On the bright side, I have an interview for a dental receptionist job tomorrow morning in the city, and another interview with Anthropologie (squeal) in Georgetown on Thursday. After spending 3 years in college with every moment in my life scheduled to the minute, it’s funny to now get excited to have one scheduled appointment every few days. I’m not complaining!
I’ve also enjoyed exploring the city! (Thank goodness for Google Maps and an iPhone to help me navigate!) Alexandria is just so beautiful. I’m already so proud to call it home! The architecture is incredible: red brick buildings with winding ivy, charming colored townhouses, and a single cobblestone road in Old Town that has been preserved. Although I may be a little bit partial, I think our apartment complex is the prettiest. This picture doesn’t even do it justice:
Guess you’ll just have to visit us to see it in person! (Hint, hint.)
Old Town Alexandria is my favorite part of town to drive in so far. So much character and so many one-way streets to learn. I mean, to give you an idea of how great it is, my local Walgreens is across the street from an Anthropologie, H&M, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, and Chipotle (curse my food allergies!). Aaron and I are planning on biking into Old Town in a few weeks to stroll the shops and check out the farmer’s market on a Saturday. Can’t wait!
We’ve also had an exciting update with our house furnishings! Remember when I was thinking about rugs for the apartment? Well, we decided to buy them, not DIY them, not because we don’t think I can do it, but they are less of a risk. Maybe in the future, I’ll dabble in more DIY things when we have more resources to mess around a little.
I found these great rugs at Urban Outfitter today, and miraculously, Aaron and I found some we both liked! One rug was on super duper sale—$15 for a 5×7—which allowed us to get a more expensive 5×7 to go with it! We still managed to hit our budget of $100, too! I about cried when I found out that the paisley was sold out online, but after a call to an Urban Outfitters in Maryland, they confirmed that they had 1 more in stock. Talk about fate! I’m picking it up tomorrow.
I’m intending the paisley for the living room and the filigree for the bedroom, but we’ll see when everything gets here! I’m so excited to have scored these deals! What do you think?

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