Strawberry Treats–Hello Summer Fruits!

I’ve really been loving these cheap strawberries lately. Seriously, $1 a pound? I’ll take that! I love summer fruits and how fun and tasty they are! After a winter of apples, I’m dying for some variety. Apparently strawberries are actually one of the healthiest fruits (low in sugar), so that gives me license to put them in high-sugar dishes, right? Right. Here are some of the recipes I’m determined to make this summer!
1. Just putzing has this delicious recipe that totally reminds me of Cheesecake Factory’s strawberry cheesecake. I also have a strange fascination with pies lately. I want to be the master of pies.
2. I really want to make this recipes from Make Ahead Meals and go have a picnic! And yes, it’s another pie. Just a cuter, mini pie!
3. Annie’s Eats gave me another reason to make homemade donuts (I can never decide whether to spell it as donut or doughnut!). Seriously, I’m a sucker for homemade donuts!
4. Another Annie’s Eats classic: strawberry cupcakes. I think they’re so cute and I might have to make some for my visiting teachees this month!
5. I’ve been looking for something to mix up my lunch salads lately, and this salad from Our Best Bites might be just the one! I think I’ll try it with some grilled turkey breast and see how it goes!