This One’s For You, Jemima

I love eating waffles. Love it. When my mom gave me this sweet Cuisinart waffle iron that makes perfect waffles, I ate them all the time! (Get this, the waffle iron has a slider for how cooked you want the waffle. Dream come true.)

However, I then discovered that I’m allergic to all things delicious (just kidding. kind of ) and due to an oversight, I thought that Krusteaz didn’t have corn products in it. False! Dextrose is always a tricky one to find.

I thought that packaged waffle mix would be out for me and that I’d have to resort to homemade waffles. Bleh. The beauty of waffles is that you can make them quickly with little effort! I was crushed at the idea as I looked dejectedly through all of the various kinds of waffle mix in the grocery store until . . . I found this beautiful package:

Thank you, Aunt Jemima! Thank you for having the courage and conviction to not put corn syrup in your waffle mix. I applaud you. I celebrate in your jovial smile. 
I won’t lie, having lots of food allergies brings about a continuous cycle of disappointment and jubilee, but I’ll tell you one thing: I never appreciated food in the same way before I knew about my food allergies. I took it for granted that I could buy a box of Italian seasoned bread crumbs, a can of soup, or a box of Mac and Cheese. It’s not all depressing. I find great replacement recipes all the time. Some of my family told me, “This is why you were giving a love for cooking because at some point, you’d need to compensate for your food allergies!” Maybe it’s true! When I do find products I can eat, I’m exuberant, overjoyed, and I’m that weird person in Smith’s running up to my husband holding a waffle mix squealing, “I can eat this!” I’m starting to become more grateful for the foods I can eat more than I’m bitter against the foods I can’t eat. That’s progress, right?
Thanks, Jemima. You’re making me a happy waffle-eating lady.