To DIY or Not to DIY

Good news! After sitting outside my advisor’s office for an hour yesterday, politely waiting for him to arrive at school and answer my graduation question, he decided to give me an answer! I had been dreading that moment for almost a week. Was he going to be a stickler or show some mercy?

He decided mercy! Hurray! He’s going to let me use my internship credit for my last elective credits for my major, as long as I complete an 8-page paper. I was so happy I could have cried! But my advisor is a man, and that probably would have alarmed him.
So I am in fact graduating college in 5 weeks, and I won’t have an independent study hanging over my head when I leave. Victory! Thank you to all of my friends and family that have listened to me cry and worry about my future this past week. You guys are troopers.
Now that I can stop hyperventilating about my educational future, I can happily return to my East Coast daydreams and senioritis (I’ve got it real bad, folks). If you remember, our new apartment in Virginia has all wood floors, an aesthetic that I love and I’m really looking forward to. However, wood floors might be more attractive and cozy if I dress them up with a rug or two! I’m planning on 3 (maybe 4) rugs for the apartment: 1) living room, 2) in front of kitchen sink, 3) bathroom, and (possibly) 4) bedroom.
The problem is large rugs (the size that we’d need for the living room) are very expensive. For that reason, I’m thinking about stretching my DIY skills and trying to paint a rug. There apparently used to be this great Erslev rug at IKEA that was a cheap, cotton rug, but they don’t sell it anymore. Bummer. I hear that there are some good alternatives at outdoor stores, like Home Depot or Lowes. I’ll have to check those out!

Here are some of my favorite tutorials that I’ve found online.

I really like how this one only requires painter’s tape and a roller. As long as I can lay the tape straight, you can make really cool designs rather simply.

I like this rug a lot because you could do it in a muted color, but still make it distinctive by the offset stripes.


This Moroccan style is everywhere I look! I think it’s so cute. The blogger even posted her stencil to print off. The link is below.

Stencil for rug, above: here
We’ll see which large rug will win when I get there! Also, we’ve started the 4th week of my Provo “widowhood.” Only another 4 1/2 weeks to go until I meet up this cute boy again! Graduation has never looked so sweet!

3 thoughts on “To DIY or Not to DIY”

  1. Jenny says:

    Haha great picture of Aaron. Glad things worked out for graduation! I’m having my own “future panic” so I can sympathize. :)

    PS We should hang out before you leave Provo!

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      I’d love that! I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your text a week or so back! I was so swamped at that point and was really bad at communication. Boo. I’ll shoot you a text this week so we can plan something! You’re the best!

    2. Jenny says:

      Sounds great! I’m relatively free this week in the evenings I think. Whenever works for you. :)

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