US Botanic Gardens

A few weekends ago, Aaron and I biked into DC to visit the US Botanic Gardens! After the eternal winter we’ve had, I really needed to see some pretty flowers.

I’ve been trying to work on using the manual settings of my camera more, and it turns out that taking pictures here was the perfect place to practice! Literally every shot had different lighting and required different settings. Slowly but surely, I’m figuring this whole camera thing out!

^^I couldn’t help but think of our upcoming move to Arizona when I saw all of the cacti!^^

Afterwards, we went to We The Pizza for what we heard would be legendary pizza. Plus, I’m a sucker for any kind of clever word play. Ha ha!

^^Oh my goodness. It was amazing! I tried the BBQ pizza and fresh buffalo mozzarella and roasted tomatoes. Aaron tried the cajun chicken andouille and sausage and peppers. Please forgive my drool. It was a mess of pizza, and we ate ALL of it. No shame.^^


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