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Washington Monument | Astro Doughnuts

2 weekends ago, Aaron and I got tickets to go to the top of the Washington Monument! It’s been closed for renovations foreeeeeeeever (3 years, I think?) since it’s been reinforced after a hurricane cracked it a bit.

If you’re ever in DC and planning to go to the top, make sure you get tickets a few months in advance! They get booked up really early.First up, we went to Astro Doughnuts to try their famous donuts and fried chicken. That’s right. They just serve donuts and fried chicken. Best. Place. Ever.

^^We each got some tasty fried chicken (they give you a LOT of chicken. So good), and we tried the crème brûlée donut (because, how could we not!) and their famous maple bacon donut. Both were AMAZING, but I have to say the maple donut is out of this world.^^

^^It was so cool to go to the top of the monument! After a minute-long elevator ride to the top, we had the most amazing view of DC. We could see the Washington, DC temple out one side, and we had incredible views of all of the museums below. So neat!^^

^^While we were walking back towards my office to get our car, I finally got a closer look at the White House! Hey there, Mr. President!^^

Another great day, DC! Thanks!

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  1. Theodore ge says:

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