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We have been quite busy around here lately! Aaron and I are both working on our independent study classes, and he’s set to finish his by the end of this weekend! We’ll finally have a college graduate in our home! I have finished my 2nd class, and I’m almost half through my 3rd, which is cooking. I guess things could be worse than making pumpkin chocolate bread for homework, right? One more class after this one, and I’ll be breathing free!
Also, it’s somehow the middle of July. Where in the world did this summer go?! Seriously, it’ll be fall here before we know it! Gah! I have too many more warm weather things I want to do this summer! Mount Vernon! Jazz in the Garden! Outdoor movies! It’s time to get crackalackin’!
Here are some my favorite picks from the interwebs for your perusal. Happy Friday!
^^ I love these ideas for healthy snacking! I need some inspiration to get out of my snack rut! Via He and I.^^

^^ I just about died of happiness when I saw this. A real Italian-style pizza oven in a house. Oh yes. Via Mr. and Mrs. Powell.^^

^^Aaron’s going out of town on Monday, and I’m taking advantage of his absence to make this very white-sauce filled Chicken Jalapeno Enchilada. (Love you, Aaron!) Via Bev Cooks.^^
^^I’d like to buy this print and put it in every room of my apartment. Too much? Via Etsy.^^
^^I really need popsicles in my life. These are happening ASAP. Via Weelicious.^^

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  1. Alexa Zurcher says:

    How am I just seeing this post?! Thank you for sharing!!!! xoxo

    1. Rachel Taylor says:

      Thanks for posting such beautiful things! :)

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